I've always tried to not be angry towards people. It's just one of those things I'd like to completely avoid. Unfortunately a lot has happened in my life that could make me an angry person in my adulthood. I think I've done a good job not being an angry person but sometimes it just gets difficult to hold the anger back.

The one person I never thought I could ever be angry at is God. I didn't have a relationship with him until high school and to be honest, it wasn't really until college that I truly felt that relationship. I know I shouldn't be angry about things that happened years ago but because of therapy, I've had to re-hash a lot of wounds that I thought were healed or ones I just put away and never dealt with. While I thought that therapy would help I think the only thing I've come away with is a new anger towards God. I can't imagine why God would allow the things that have happened to me as a child to happen (you'll learn more about this at some point). Even the things happening to me now I don't fully understand. I know they say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Well, I have news for whomever said that - that's a load of bull.

The worst part is that I feel guilty being mad at God. It's not right for me to be like this and I hate myself for it. How come it's so easy for God to forgive us but it's so hard for us to forgive Him?

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