The New Bachelor

Now let me start by saying I've not really been a fan of The Bachelor. I started watching it last season when the shmuck turned down DeAnna Pappas. I really felt a lot of empathy for her. That is why I decided to watch the Bachelorette when they decided that she would be the choice. Over the season of the show, I kind of lost any empathy I had toward her but there was one "bachelor" on the show who I really liked. Those of you who watched the show I'm sure remember Jason, the single father of a 3 year-old boy. I think it was impossible for people watching to not fall in love with this guy. Just like DeAnna, in the end he was turned down. Here is a picture of the man...

Here's the best part... ABC just announced today that he will be the next Bachelor! For once, the "bachelor" won't be some rich, arrogant guy who is chosen for a show just for ratings. In fact, only one of the previous "relationships" lasted more than 6 months! It's great that they've chosen a guy who is clearly looking to find love. I know I'll be watching!

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