Survivor Gabon Premieres

It's time for another group of idiots to play "camp" in an exotic location. Ya know, I used to be a real big fan of the show but over the previous few seasons I have found my desire to watch the show beginning to wane. They seem to care more about ratings and whom might fight with whom than to put people out there who might actually be able to handle the conditions. And why do they have to pick a flamboyant gay to represent the gay demographic every time?

First off, they had the "elderly" people begin choosing the tribes. Grandma -aka Gillian- decided to choose another "mom" who then chose "another mom" because "us moms need to stick together". Um, that won't help you win challenges idiots! Tonight's episode had two immunity challenges. Big surprise - the "mom" tribe lost both. Just when you thought Grandma was going to get voted out, a youngin' named Michelle made a wrong move - she whined, bitched, complained and whined some more. That earned her the first ticket home.

After the 2nd immunity challenge, Grandma decided she needed to somehow get the target off her head. Did it work? Nope. Grandma went home. She should have been the first person voted out - hell, she shouldn't have been there in the first place!

Here are Grandma and The Whiner

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