I'm not someone who reads celebrity blogs and tabloids because I idolize these overpaid monkeys. I just think the stuff they do is hilarious. Sometimes though, I just wonder what they were thinking. Usually I laugh pretty hard at the things the "teen queens" do to get themselves publicity but one thing is really creeping me out. Miley Cyrus. She is 15 going on 35. It amazes me that her parents let her do this stuff. Heck, her dad has resurrected his failing career by using his daughter to make money.

Apparently, the creepy couple was all over each other at this fashion show

Don't know her latest stunt? She is dating a 20-year-old underwear model who competed on Nashville Star this past season - which was hosted by her achy-breaky father. I guess you can take the moron out of backwoods Kentucky but you can't take the backwoods kentucky out of the moron. I'm sorry - what parent thinks that this is in the best interest of their child? She has barely hit puberty! First semi-naked photos in magazines and now this - seems only a matter of time before she starts hitting drugs and doing porn or stripping for a living.

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