The Juice ain't loose for much longer

Well, karma has finally gotten OJ Simpson. The vast majority of interested parties are still convinced to this day that OJ got away with murder 13 years ago and those same people will be glad to hear that Simpson has been found guilty on 13 counts of kidnapping and robbery. Honestly I think that since he seemed to get away with murder he thought he was invincible. Well, his stupidity has finally caught up with him. OJ faces life in prison! Hope you like prison OJ.

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Sad that such a great sports icon has fall so far from grace.
You think after the last fiasco he would have wanted to keep arms length away from things that would be bad press...
Oh well, hate to think it perpetuates the adage, 'You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but you can take the ghetto out of the boy...

I wonder who's bitch he's going to be in prison? Maybe He will get a mininmum security, kooshy place like Martha Stewart got. I don't know what I would wish for him. It's all rather pathetic.

I wonder how he would be received in prison? Would he get beat up for being a poser or revered as the old icon - now gang banger?

I don't think he'll get minimum security. He isn't going to prison for lying - he's going for a major felony... he'll be lucky if it isn't maximum security I think.