Just to save a Buck

I'm disturbed by the news I heard today. An impatient group of shoppers caused the death of a Wal-Mart security guard. Was saving $20 on an I-Pod really worth a man losing his life? The shoppers were so impatient that they broke down the doors at a Valley Stream, NY (Long Island) Wal-Mart this morning at 5am. It makes me sick that we have commercialized Christmas so much that something like this could happen. Unfortunately, there will probably be no justice since it was a "mob mentality" type thing and it would be difficult to pin the death on one or two people. What a shame.

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I fell victim to this madness years ago and promised myself if I ever made it out safe and sound, never again. And it is a promise I have kept, could care less how good the bargain is, it's just not worth it.