MTV's Bromance - God Help Us

As I've mentioned before, I love my reality television. I watch for two reasons - pure enjoyment and to watch morons make asses of themselves. The latter was the reason I watched the premiere of MTV's newest show, Bromance. If you haven't heard about this one, it "stars" fame-whore Brody (son of Olympian Bruce Jenner) who first starred on the "reality" show The Hills. It is basically the male equivalent of Paris Hilton's search for a new BFF.

All I can say about this show is MTV must think our young people are dumb. Ryan Seacrest should be ashamed that his TV production company is producing this garbage. For starters, like Real World, they have a confessional room. They use a bathroom and call it the "can-fessional". Secondly, they will have "group dates" and "one-on-one dates" with Brody. Some of the clips about the season even show butch guys "crying". Is this a search for friends or a boyfriend? Finally the creepiest thing about this show is that the elimination takes place in a large hot tub. How homosexual is that? Not saying that's a bad thing but come on. This is a search for a new entourage member - not a bathhouse! Oh and the winner? Brody will move them out to Los Angeles and give them a house to live in. Is this desperation or him looking for a "boy toy"?

MTV has picked up six episodes of this series - I hope MTV doesn't let it go that long!

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