Barbara vs Rosie!

I saw the funniest thing on The View this morning (no I do not usually watch the show. Currently our satellite is not working and we only have four channels so I happened to switch to it.) I am NOT a fan of this show – especially since the way they treated Rosie O’Donnell. Apparently the wife of Don Imus (the radio guy who made racist remarks) has written a book about eating/cooking organically and was talking about the cows they own.

I was interested in their cow. Well, the name of the cow. When they got their first cow, they named it “Barbara Walters”. In fact all the cows have names of famous people. Well “Barbara” is now a grandmother – to a calf named “Rosie”. Now that is hilarious. For those who don’t know – there has been a battle of words ever since Rosie quit The View after the infamous argument with Elizabeth Hasselback. Talk about irony!

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