Okay - Here is the deal folks. I will be offline probably for the next couple weeks. The reason is that we are moving to Pennsylvania! Unfortunately we need to move our things to my in-laws for a couple weeks while Darin goes to PA for a gourmet weekend chef spot and finds a house for us to rent. Then we will head up there so he can start his new job. Hopefully I will be able to leech on to a network but since we will be in a semi-rural area I doubt I will be able to.

So here is why I say help. I want to re-do my website. This includes a name change! While I am gone, please leave me comments with suggestions for a new name. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Also, if you are someone who is good at html and would like to volunteer to make me a template, that would be great too!

If I'm not around - y'all enjoy the beginning of 2009! I'll miss all of y'all!

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Well, welcome! It's a big state; I hope you're winding up on the right side of it... *grin*

Move safe and I hope you settle in easily.

Good Lord...I finally get back on line and you're GONE!?!?!
Have a safe and pleasant move...I can't wait to hear all about it!!!

Good luck with the move!!!!

I hope you move has gone well so far! Hurry back, we miss your wit and charm!