Are You a Follower?

Time for me to make a shameless plea! I'd like to know who is reading my blog! I know a lot of y'all come by to read daily or at least several times a week. And yes, I do have the Feedjit thingy over there on the right hand side so I do know WHERE people live that are reading me. I would just like to know WHO.

I had no idea how many followers I had so when I was logging in the other day I looked and I had TWO. Now I know many more than TWO read me each day - so please, please, please make my day and click on that follow me thingy over there... Now I just realized, I didn't have it on my site before so it wasn't readily available - but now it is!

I know I am blessed that so many of y'all read me as often as you do - I would just like to know who is reading my site ... Thanks to everyone who has given my world a bit of your time now and then!

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Shameful. Okay, okay. I'll add myself to your list. But, honestly, I didn't do it at first because I didn't want to be the hottest person on your list. :-)

Woohoo! I feel loved :) You were one of the few who I knew read my stuff consistently - since you're one of my steady commentators :)

You know i love reading your blogs honey, i didn't realize it was so important for me to tell everyone but now that i'm a follower, everyone will ya

i am here reading you through my google reader feed thingy... smooches!

Hmmm...I follow your blog, but nobody follows mine :( And I've actually posted twice this week ROFL

wow I feel loved! I also admit my fault - I didn't realize that there wasnt a follow this blog thingy ... To follow me, people had to go through my profile, etc ... But it's amazing what begging will get you lol

Karen: I know you do :)

Donna: Well, if you posted every week (or every month even!) you might get some followers lol Besides, I just found your blogs the other night - I had no idea you had one (or 3)