Hate in America

I hope this photo disgusts y'all as much as it disgusts me. This bigot is from Westboro "Baptist" Church. I put quotations around Baptist because they are not like any Baptist church I know of - and I am a Baptist myself. For those that have never heard of this group, it is a group of hate-mongers led by homosexual propagandist Fred Phelps. Mostly this group protests anything homosexual (as well as much more) - from movies to productions to clinics. If it can be linked to homosexuality, in any way, this group will protest it.

Most recently, they have been banned from entering the United Kingdom where they were to protest a theatrical production of the Laramie Project and protested at the Oscars because they allow movies like Milk to win awards. The most disgusting recent bit of activity is that they actually tried to protest at funerals for people who died in the recent plane crash in Buffalo, NY. They had the audacity to say "planes crash, God laughs." I can't imagine where they would get a notion like that. I have read the Bible, it's not in there.

Back to the photo. When I saw it, I first noticed the shirt the woman is wearing. "God Hates Fags Scum." I would love for them to point to any place in the Bible where it says that God hates gays. Funny thing - it doesn't. Heck, God doesn't even hate prostitutes or idolaters or criminals. He hates the sin. And I have news for Westboro - you're sinners just like the rest of us. How does it feel to hate yourself?

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ugh. stupid people at their worst. does the shirt really say scum? i thought the last word was .com...like it was a website...

checked it out, it is a website....

now this is promoting hate speech, and idiocy... but that's ok, in the end they'll pay for the idiocy...

I couldn't really tell about the shirt but I should have realized that since I had copied the website address lol .. I'll blame it on the cold medicine... yeah, that'll work.

It still cracks me up there are so many people who thing the Phelps klan still has any relevance!

I just got a Facebook notification that Westboro BC is protesting my HS in Moore, Oklahoma on Monday and they're encouraging alumn to come back to counter protest. I don't give two squirts of diarrhea about Oklahoma OR Fred Phelps.