It's CHEESE-Tastic!

I am very glad that it's time for .... The Amazing Race! One of the few reality shows that doesn't just cast borderline psycho or stupid people. The season premiere's "detour" task required the teams to run up a steep hill with traditional wooden backpack-type cheese block carriers. They had to bring 4 50-lb block of cheese from the aging shed at the top of the hill to the bottom. Sound easy enough, right? Add a lot of mud, water, a couple of rednecks and dog poop and hilarity ensues....

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Personally i don't like Reality shows but that was just way too funny. Those people looked really stupid, you would think they had brains between them but i'm guessing no...lmfao

Oh Dave thisis by far one of my fav shows (in fact I was watching it on my DVR when you called Sunday!!) I also have to admit I was laughing my rear off watching all the cheese roll down the hill 40mph ... not to mention watching the native Swedes guzzling their liquor and laughing at the moronic Americans! It was the highlight of my night ... hope you are doing well ... I promise to give you a call back once I get a chance ... hmm, that could be 5 years - J/K!

Hugs from MN!