OK, I am all for fertility treatments to help those conceive children when they normally would not be able to. But getting fertility treatments when you are the single mom of 6 kids under the age of 8 already is going too far. I'm sure most of us have heard about the woman in California who recently gave birth to 8 children. Since the miraculous birth, all kinds of new facts are coming out about this woman.

At first, no one knew about her having 6 children already. When that came out, people were shocked. On top of that, it seems her parents are living with her because they lost their own home since they were taking care of her daughter and her children financially. All those kids, plus the parents and the woman are living in a 2 bedroom home. TWO bedrooms? Where is child protection services when you need them?

Then she decided to get fertility treatments. When they found out she was pregnant with 7 babies, the doctors tried to talk her into aborting some of the embryos in order to ensure a better prognosis for the babies. She refused. What I want to know is why the doctors agreed to perform these fertility treatments on this woman. Something tells me these doctors care more about the money than about the future of the babies they help create. It is good to know that these doctors are now facing extreme scrutiny. Doctors like that should not be allowed to practice medicine. Medicine is not about money - or at least it shouldn't be.

The story just gets plain maddening. Apparently this woman has been thought of as "baby-obsessed". Duh! I think it is clear something is clearly wrong with this woman. What I would like to know is how did this woman afford the fertility treatments? She is a single mom of 6 kids who, as far as I have read, did not have a job. Her parents were paying for everything. Her mom was on the Today Show this morning and declared her outrage at her daughter for doing this. But that still begs the question, where did the money come from?

Here is the kicker. According to Perez Hilton, this woman wants $2 million dollars to do interviews on television. She supposedly plans to be on Oprah and the Today Show. Somehow I doubt Oprah would pay this crazy woman that much money to come on her show. Is it just me, or is anyone else thinking this woman did this just to get some sort of fame? Thanks to TLC, large families have gained notoriety in recent years. Shows like John & Kate Plus 8 and The Duggars have glorified fertility treatments and never ending families (The Duggars have 19 children). Is it such a stretch of the imagination that someone would emulate these shows? After all, look at the copycat stunts of Beavis & Butthead and Jackass.

The saddest factor is what has happened to this woman's parents. The financial strain of caring for their daughter and 6 grand children not only took their home, but also their marriage. They still live together but are divorced. When the babies are to come home, the grandmother is moving out and wants nothing to do with the situation. I don't blame her. The father is coming out of retirement and heading to Iraq to be an interpreter for the military so that he can pay for all these new babies. Seems to me it isn't his responsibility to do that. However, it is their fault they never made their daughter grow up and take responsibility for her own actions and pay her own bills.

The ones I feel for most are all the children involved. I hope for their sakes that Child Services gets involved to make sure these kids are being cared for. Seems to me it won't be long before this woman tries to get pregnant again. Sometimes people just amaze me at how irresponsible they can be.

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Oparh doesn't pay her guests.


seriously. where is cps. why aren't they involved.

I know they implanted her with so many embryos or whatever it is. to give her a better shot at getting pregnant. cause originally she only wanted one more!And instead ended up with 8. I read somewhere that she stated she got paid for the treatments. not sure how that works. But seriously if she was my daughter I'd smack her!. seriously. I think her father should leave to, but then she's probably daddy's girl and can do no wrong. ugh. I hope at least the 8 newborns get taken away. that does not sound like a stable house to live in..

Well said.
This whole thing is amazing. She can have no job, 14 kids and God knows what else, but my husband and I would have to jump through 5,000 hoops in order to adopt one child.
Something ain't right.


Well she think she is doin sumthin right omg lmfao what ever shei s omg well words not describe her at all to me xoxoxo jabberz

Actually the woman has a mental disorder. She has an obsession with babies. It's an obsession like someone might have for plastic surgery, etc. She had 6 children under the age of 8 but none were little babies so she had to have another. The goal was to have ONE more. When they told her she had 7 fetuses, she refused to let them reduce the number.

At least Jon and Kate and the Duggers are able to afford their children without having to rely on other people. This woman doesn't work and is sponging off her parents. Somebody needs to slap her in the face and knock some sense into her head.

What's she going to do when it's time to potty train? Register for school? Chicken Pox? Drive?