Alfie is NOT the Father!

I don't know if many of y'all read the story of the 13-year-old boy, Alfie Patten, whose 15-year-old girlfriend gave birth to their baby a month or so ago. People in the UK were in an uproar that the two had supposedly planned to have a baby.

The story got more complicated when several more boys indicated that they also had slept with the girl. Of course, Alfie had no idea that his girlfriend hadn't been faithful to him. None of the boys had used a condom with her, including Alfie.

Today it was announced that they had done a DNA paternity test and it came back showing that Alfie is indeed NOT the father of the baby. Naturally, he is devastated. Personally, if I thought I was the father of a baby at 12 or 13, I would be relieved to know it wasn't mine!

Is it just me, or are kids getting more and more ignorant despite all the information out there about STDs, AIDS and birth control?

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More ignorant - totally!