American Idol Top 12 : 3rd Finalist Eliminated From Tour

That's right folks! We now know who will be going on tour this summer as part of the Idol Tour. God help the audience - Megan Corkery will be there. Once again, I'm sure the people at Vote For The Worst are celebrating their victory. I'm sure we can thank them for Megan being safe - and not even being in the Bottom 3! Did Hell freeze over and I missed the memo?

Since it was country week, we got to hear REAL country music from Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis. As for the results, this week showed just how crazy this season may shape up to be. In shocking fashion, Allison and Michael (the Hottie!) were announced to be in the Bottom 3. WHAT?! Allison is the best female and Michael is too hot not to keep around. Fortunately for Michael, I think the Q&A before the results will help him gain votes for next week - what woman doesn't love a man who chokes up when talking about his baby?

What surprised me the most is that Megan wasn't even in the Bottom 3. Way to go Vote for the Worst supporters. You're killing our ears! Please let her go! Well, at least I was right when I said that Alexis would be in the Bottom.

In the end, Alexis was revealed as the eliminated contestant. Yes! Our Hottie survives to sing another week! The judges actually made it look like they might use the judge's save on Alexis. Get real - we're not buying it. The producers are just afraid that Danny or Adam might get booted too soon. They just think they'll make the most money for them! Look at the money they missed out on Christ Daughtry. That's the scenario they are protecting.

Don't forget - next week Idol is on Wednesday and Thursday nights since Obama has interrupted our Tuesday television programming.

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