The Bachelor - From Stud to Dud

During last season's The Bachelorette, viewers cheered for a single dad from Seattle, WA and cried when DeAnna Pappas chose Jesse Csincsak over Jason Mesnick in the season's final rose ceremony. Viewers begged ABC to select Mesnick to be the next Bachelor - and ABC thought the same thing. I have to admit, I myself thought he would make a great Bachelor. How wrong we all were.

In my opinion, this season was rather boring. Many of the women seemed to be quite desperate. Others didn't look like suitable matches right from the get-go. Heck, in one rose ceremony, Jason couldn't even choose enough of the women to give out all the roses. In a disturbing series of events, skanky Molly continued to receive roses. Ew. There was just something about her that made me nauseous - and tonight we found out why.

For weeks, ABC has been playing up the "Shocking Ending" to the season. Popular blogger Reality Steve posted on his site that the "shocking ending" was a devious plot to create drama by the producers of the show - at Melissa Rycroft's expense. Allegedly, Mesnick and contestant Molly Malaney had a "connection" that was infinitely more intense than any connection Mesnick had with any other lady there - from the very beginning. That created a problem for the producers. There wouldn't be much drama if he clearly was favoring one girl over the rest.

According to Reality Steve, the producers told Mesnick if he wanted to end up with Molly, he would have to choose Melissa at the final ceremony. Then, he would break off things with Melissa at the reunion special and "start" a relationship there with Molly. Well, that's just sick if it is true. As predicted, tonight on the After the Final Rose special, Mesnick dumped Rycroft on national television and told Malaney he wanted to pursue a relationship with her instead.

When asked by Rycroft if he had been in contact with Malaney since proposing marriage to her, he answered that he hadn't. Somehow, I don't believe him. Apparently neither did Melissa. She already suspected the two had been in contact. According to rumors, Molly had not only been in contact with Jason but the two had been seeing each other with Molly going to Seattle to be with Jason when Melissa was home in Texas.

I thought it was pretty disgusting of Jason to not have the decency to talk to Melissa about his doubts and his feelings about Molly in private. According to Jason, he was not allowed to do it in private - he signed a contract with ABC that everything would be done on camera. That is why I believe the story that all of this was concocted just for ratings. They clearly were afraid that this season was too boring and no one would keep watching until the end - that's why they were playing up the shocking ending and the arrival of DeAnna in New Zealand in WEEK TWO.

It is interesting to me that ABC switched from marketing Mesnick as a "single dad" last season to "stud" this season - clearly giving him a makeover in between. I didn't think anyone would top Brad Womack in the loser department on this show - but Jason managed to do it. As for Molly, I guess we were right to call her a skank.

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I suspected from the beginning that Jason Mesnick was a tool, then the finale eliminated all doubt