Chris Brown NICKed

By now, I'm sure we have all heard more than enough talk about Chris Brown and his domestic squabble with singer Rihanna. To be honest, I have way more than enough. Yet here I am blogging about him. It's not so much him I want to discuss here. Recently, Nickelodeon had severe backlash over its decision to not disqualify Brown from the two awards he has been nominated for in the network's Kid Choice Awards.

The network released a statement saying that it was the kids who had nominated Brown several months ago and they were leaving him in the category. Since that statement, Brown himself decided to pull his name out of contention for the awards. I am curious what other people think about Nickelodeon's decision to not pull his name. When I thought about it, I can see their point. The awards show was created so that kids could nominate the celebrities that they liked and also chose the winners - not just some adults deciding stuff for kids like any other award show. As lame as us adults think these awards may be, they do mean a lot to many kids. For once, they have the power.

On the other hand, were the powers that be at Nickelodeon just too chicken to pull Brown's name? Were they irresponsible by choosing to hide behind the "it's the kids' choice" statement? That's what I'm asking y'all - should Nick have pulled his name or was it right to make the decision they did?

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