DWTS, Week 3 Results : Charlie Sheen Gets His Wish

Well, the most surprising thing about this week's result show is that neither Steve-o or The Woz had to take part in the dance-off. This week, that honor went to Holly Madison and Denise Richards. Now that was a real battle of the wits, eh? OK, I'm getting ahead of myself here.

First, seeing Woz get called in the first group of "safe" contestants was not a great idea. Let's just feed this guy's delusional ego. The guy already thinks he is "so popular" that he couldn't possibly be in the bottom 2. Right. Let's face it Steve. People are only voting for you because they want to see you make an ass of yourself. Does anyone else think that Bill Gates has his employees at Microsoft calling in to vote for him simply to see him be a jackass on television? How is that for a conspiracy theory, Woz?

Now, I was surprised that Ty Murray was in the group of 4 contestants given their fate. I know they don't necessarily have the "bottom 4" out there, but I think the Woz must be closer to the bottom than Ty. At least Ty is nice to look at.

And why did they book Hall and Oates for this show? Are they trying to solidify their show as the place for all has-beens? Thank goodness I could change the channel then.

Now back to the bottom 2. I don't think anyone really wanted to see these two dance again. And in the end, it didn't really make a difference anyways. Holly went first and scored one point better from last night - with 18 points. Denise gained 4 points over her score last night with a 20. That wasn't enough for her to stick around.

I was hoping Woz would go this week, but I'm glad this dingbat is gone. Next week, let's get rid of the Wizard of Woz.

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