Lawsuit Over Balls Dropped

I have heard of stupid lawsuits, but this one takes the cake.

You're 89 and various balls fly into your backyard from your neighbor's yard, so what do you do? Keep the football and refuse to give it back of course.

(Our neighbor would let her dog pop the balls and give them back to us. Bitch.)

In this case though, neighbor calls the police and they arrest the 89 year-old woman for petty theft.

Yes, they hauled the 89 year-old woman to the station and charged her with a crime. For a football. And yes, the prosecutor dropped the charges. That wasn't enough for this woman. She filed a lawsuit against her neighbors.

Emotional Distress. From children's balls. Get real lady.

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I'm thinking it's more from emotional distress from cops arresting her. which in that case...go after the state...but that's prettyy freaking crazy