Survivor Week 5: The Fall of Jalapeno

Well it is apparent that Jalapao's dominance has definitely dissipated. In fact, they are now behind the 8 ball. Winning the reward challenges is fine and good, but it you hope to stick around in Survivor you have to win the immunity challenges. Coming off winning the previous immunity challenge, Timbira definitely had confidence going into the reward challenge.

Once again, they lost. I must say, it was fun watching Sierra almost go flying off the spinning disc. Once again, Jalapao dominated the reward challenge and once again, they chose Brendan to go to exile. Then he chose Stephan to go to Exile with him. That lead Tyson to question Brendan's motives for not choosing Taj to go with him. I understand why - he didn't think it was right to keep Taj from enjoying the reward challenge for a change.

The reward challenge consisted of one member from each tribe launching balls into the air using a slingshot and the others using nets to try to catch them. JT single-handedly gave Jalapao a huge lead at 4-1. With the Jalapeno Poppers needing just one more catch, Tyson caught 4 in a row to win immunity for Timbira.

For awhile, it seemed that Taj was going to be voted out. Fortunately, the others believed that Taj did not have the immunity idol and voted out Spencer, who was the weakest player in the challenges. Next time, she may not be so lucky.

Dumbass of the Weak : Taj. Why the hell did she give the immunity idol to Stephan to hold? He not thinks of it as his and he is clearly not above helping Taj out the door so he can keep it for himself.

Surprise of the Week : Tyson. Tyson hasn't been integral to Timbira's success until this week. He scored the last 3 points for Timbira and saved them from Tribal Council. Good thing too - Brendan would be going home - with the immunity idol.

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