You Are NOT The Father!

Like most people, I have a guilty pleasure. I like to watch the Maury show. It's not because it is an intelligent show. Really, it is just a chance to make me feel better about myself because I am not them.

Admit it people. You've seen it too.

And you like it.

Today I was watching it and it made me think. I know what you're thinking...

That show inspires actually brain activity? Hey, there's a first for everything!

It was a show about women questioning their partner's fidelity - and getting answers via lie detector tests. I would love to know why the guys don't just come clean when their woman says they are taking them on the Maury show. I mean, come on, they know they are going to fail. Why embarrass themselves on national television? Do these morons really think they can outwit the lie detector?

Then I thought about the women who are 100% sure so-and-so is the father of their child. Then they find out he isn't and they go running off the stage. Then they come back 12 more times with 20 more men and still can't find the father. Why show the world what a slut you are?

Now at the end of today's show, one of the couple actually got engaged! Never mind that the guy had just yelled at her that he was "through with her." Oh, and it was determined that he regretted getting engaged to her before, that he had cheated with her and, oh yeah, he has a fetish for obese chicks.

Now don't you feel better about your life?

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I'm amazed that there are enough 'screwed up' people in this country to keep these shows (Maury, Jerry Springer, and the rest) on the air for so many years.
I find it extremely frightening, yet TOTALLY AMAZING.
Whenever I'm home during the work week, I can't help but watch. :-)

Hey, if I could make up a good enough act, I could 1. get a free trip to New York, 2. get to stay in a swanky hotel in New York, 3. maybe get spending money to go shopping in New York, and 4. have a hilarious story to share with everyone I meet. Besides, no one I know watches these shows (well, except for you), and I could just tell everyone in advance that it's just an act. Sounds like fun to me!

Well, I know a lot of them are made up. Some though, are really true. I would imagine more are made up than true though. I don't watch Jerry though - I don't need to watch "I'm missing a Chromosome on Parade".

I don't like those shows and don't watch Maury and Jerry Springer and Geraldo and Montel and whatever else shows the lowest common denominator of humanity. I had enough of dealing with some of that with occasional students and don't like to watch it for entertainment. Same with talk radio - I don't care what religious fundamentalists, rednecks, and social conservatives have to say. I don't agree with them and don't want to hear any of it.

LOL Rant over!


OOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKK first of all LMFAO.... I think the funniest ones i have ever seen are the ones who say " I'm here to tell my husband that i'm sleeping with his sister and we've been dating for 2 yrs and i'm ending the relationship" LMAO