Amazing Race : It's Thai Trannies!!

We last left our travelers in Phuket, Thailand. (Again, it's pronounced FOO-Ket)

The teams all got on the same plane and headed to Bangkok where they had to find a boatyard to receive their next clue. Once there, they had to choose one person to do the Roadblock challenge.

The Roadblock was actually fairly easy - for most. They had to take the parts of a boat propeller and put it back together and attach to a traditional long-tailed boat and then take the boat through the canals and find a peninsula on the map where the next clue box would be. I have to say, it was nice to see Victor having a lot of trouble with the challenge. Especially after it took Margie barely any time and all but one team passed him.

That is when things started going wrong for Jen & Kisha and Mark & Michael.

Once going out on the water, Jamie & Kara realized they needed to go back and get their backpacks before continuing on to the peninsula. Tammy & Victor also made the same realization. Jen & Kisha and Mark & Michael thought it would be fine to go on and come back to get their bags. They didn't think it would be such a hardship to go back and get them. How wrong they were!

The clue on the peninsula was this leg's Detour task. Teams had to choose between "Broken Teeth" or "Broken Record" - which were very different. "Broken Teeth" brought teams to a district known as the "street of happy smiles" where they had to search through dentures to find the right one for 5 patients. "Broken Record" involved teams getting into "party taxis" and singing karaoke to a popular Thai music video. Also in the party taxis were a bunch of transgender girls along for the ride. Running up to the taxi stand, Tammy screamed out, "Great, It's Thai trannies!!"

The funniest, or maybe saddest, thing about the party taxis was when Mark and Michael commented on how pretty the girls were. No, they didn't realize they were boys.

Margie and Luke were the only ones willing to try finding dentures and were rewarded by a quick exit to the pitstop. The teams choosing the party taxis obviously had more fun, but they also had to wait longer to be able to race to the pitstop. Margie and Luke won their third leg of the race and a while later, Jamie and Kara finished second.

They were then followed by Jen & Kisha and Tammy & Victor. Unfortunately for Jen & Kisha, they had left their bags back at the boatyard. They planned on checking in at the pitstop and then trying to find a way to get their belongings back after. The problem with their plan was that their travel documents were in their bags and therefore they could not check in at the mat and had to find a way to get their belongings.

That gave life to Mark & Michael. Well, briefly. Mark & Michael had also left their bags back at the boatyard and chose to retrieve their belongings before going on to the detour. That is when they began running into trouble. That was two extra cab rides. The brothers had had trouble paying for their cab rides earlier in the race. Their solution was to pay for cab rides with their personal belongings. Ouch.

Mark & Michael were the fourth team to arrive at the pitstop. They were then hit with penalties. Now, these two are no strangers to the penalties. In a previous leg, they were hit with two 30-minute penalties but managed to survive. This time, they were hit with two 2-HOUR penalties! Apparently it is against the race rules to pay for cabs with your personal belongings so the brothers would have to wait 4 hours to check-in. Moments later, Jen & Kisha showed up with their belongings and they were able to check-in as the fourth team to arrive.

The good news for Mark & Michael is that they weren't eliminated. The bad news is that not only do they have to do the extra speed bump task, but they also have to serve the remainder of their penalty time after the mandatory 12-hour rest period before they can start racing. Should be interesting to see if they can overcome all that.

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