American Idol Top 5 : Feelin' Good

I must admit that I was pretty nervous when they said tonight's theme was songs made popular by the 'Rat Pack'. For a couple of the performances, I was pleasantly surprised. For others, I wanted to hit mute.

In the 'Pack

Allison Iraheta - Someone To Watch Over Me - Allison picked one of my favorite songs and I loved the performance. Normally I agree with Simon, but I think he was mistaken about her performance. I still think she could be in danger of being eliminated but she doesn't deserve to be. Her performance was a 10 in my opinion.

Kris Allen - The Way You Look Tonight - Yawn. Good but way too safe. It was like a "cookie cutter" performance - good, but nothing special. He might be in trouble this week.

Adam Lambert - Feelin' Good - Awesome entrance. Best performer in the history of American Idol. Period.

Stuck In The Back

Danny Gokey - Come Rain Or Come Shine - Different week, still sounds like every other performance he has done. Let's be honest here. He isn't a great performer and he doesn't have the best vocals in the final five. Viewers fell in love with him because every time they showed him during the auditions, they mentioned his deceased wife. Over the past 4 or 5 weeks, he hasn't done much at all. Deserves to be in the Bottom 2, but I doubt that will happen.

Matt Giraud - My Funny Valentine - He tried to do way too much with the song as usual. He showed tonight why he never should have been saved two weeks ago. Now, Simon actually said his performance was brilliant. Um, is Simon drinking from Paula's cup? I think Paula has shown that she hears things the rest of us don't - and apparently Simon is beginning to as well.

My Bottom 3


Now, that's just my opinion. I am sure Allison will end up in the Bottom 3 even though she doesn't deserve to be in there. I think either Matt or Allison will get eliminated and I hope it is Matt. I wouldn't say no to losing Danny either though.

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Well I watched American Idol tonight too. And I too was a little nervous about them singing the songs of the Rat Pack. I didn't know if some of them could pull it off. But all in all, I think they did a good job. The standouts for me were Allison and surprise there.I voted for Adam cause I really want him to win, but I also voted for Allison (just not as many times) cause I don't want her to go home...I hope she comes in 2nd. She's very good and shouldn't be voted off. Good luck Allison.