American Idol Top 7 : Return of the Hudson

Well we got to see Jennifer Hudson return to the Idol stage for the first time since her controversial ouster (For those unaware, there was major storms in the Chicago area that night and many of her supporters were stuck in their basements but Cowell didn't think she would win anyways).

Would have been great had she been LIVE.

That's right - they taped her performance last week. Guess she is too busy touring to make a live appearance.

We also had to listen to Miley Cyrus.

[insert obligatory Slutty Cyrus joke here]

I don't think anyone was shocked to see Anoop, Lil and Matt in the Bottom 3 tonight. What was shocking is that Anoop was the first of the three sent back to safety! Even more shocking is that Lil beat out Matt to remain safe.

Then the incredible happened.

Matt was saved.


I am shocked that Simon allowed the saved to be used at all - let alone on someone other than Adam, Danny or Allison.

The good news is that we could lose two losers next week! The bad news is that we have to listen to the losers next week attempting disco songs.

Do we really need to see Anoop do disco?

How much you wanna bet that Lil does It's Raining Men or I Will Survive?

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well, they only have one left to use the 'save' card. So for drama reasons, they saved him. Two to go next week will be even more dramatic then just one.

i think matt and lil will have to say goodbye. Its time.

i agree, lil will probably do another big diva number after week after week they pretty much tell her not to do it.