Celebrity Apprentice, Week 8 : The Rise of Hitler

The first hour of Apprentice was the continuation of the jewelry show task from last week. Of course, they were doing a charity auction of Ivanka Trump's jewelry line. Shocking, huh?

I thought Annie did an awesome job as the auctioneer for Athena and really knew how to work the audience. She knew where the money was and she did anything she could to get it out of them. In fact, she had people fly to NYC from California just to come support her.

On the other hand, Kotu chose to let Clint Black be the auctioneer because he said he'd had experience doing auctions. Why in the world would you not choose Joan Rivers to be the one to run things? Hell, she saved his ass out there when he was floundering and people were falling asleep from boredom in the audience. Also, they had a plan to spend their "war chest" on one cheap item to make the most profit and let the rest go to actual bidders. They started out the first item too high and he refused to go down on the price so it went unsold - which was an insult to Ivanka and the charity of the winner.

In the end, Athena had a profit of $153,000 and Kotu had a profit of $93,000 thanks to that one item having a profit of $77,500. That meant that $245,000 went to Annie's charity which is called Refugees International which helps refugees get started in the US - mainly from Sudan and Congo.

The board room is where the real sparks flew. Joan Rivers decided she would run her mouth again and express her distaste for yet another contestant - this time is was Annie Duke. She even went so far as to compare Annie to Adolf Hitler. Even I was offended by that. Just because Annie is playing the game to win and not to help Melissa Rivers win, Joan hates her. Get over it old woman! If Melissa can't win on her own, she doesn't deserve to!

Thanks to choosing the worst possible pieces for a runway show, Natalie Gulbis was given the ax. Honestly, I was surprised she lasted as long as she did. Also, she was never a Project Manager.

In the second short task, the teams had to make a new, innovative dish for Schwann's LiveSmart line of meals. Athena did something smart in having Annie (who is a very good cook) and Brande make 3 different dishes for everyone to taste. After the tasting, they chose to go with the Turkey Meatballs, gluten-free pasta and Apple Crisp dessert.

Kotu, on the other hand, had some issues choosing a meal. Herschel, the PM, was stuck on doing chicken based solely on its perceived popularity. The problem was that he doesn't eat meat and the company wanted them to do something DIFFERENT. They have tons of chicken dishes. Once they stuck to chicken, Clint said he had a great recipe they make at home. Once he made it, the others wanted to throw it back up. It was too salty from the soy sauce in it. They added orange juice and it was good. So, they made "Asian orange soy chicken" with green beans and sweet potatoes and a yogurt parfait for dessert.

In the end, Athena's was superior in taste and $20,000 would go to Jesse James' charity. Herschel Walker, as Kotu's PM, was dismissed from the competition even though once again, it should have been Clint Black fired.

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