There is a disturbing pattern here in the Baton Rouge area. In a few earlier posts, I wrote about two rapes that took place in two local middle and elementary schools. I'm afraid more have taken place.

The latest school rape actually took place in a bus transfer point. Here in Baton Rouge, they bus kids from one end of Baton Rouge to the other as part of the "desegregation" of the schools. Kids take one bus to the transfer point at Independence Park and then wait for their next bus.

Apparently, a 13-year-old was coming out of the bathroom when she was shoved back inside by a young black male in a school uniform and raped. Afterwards, she rode the bus to school where she reported the incident to a school official.

Also, a 10-year-old in the Scotlandville area of Baton Rouge was arrested for aggravated rape. 10 years old! The victim was a SIX-YEAR-OLD. Allegedly, the older boy threatened the other boy with a pocket-knife and threatened to kill the boy if he didn't perform oral sex on him.

What is going on around here? What exactly are their parents teaching them? I have heard parents say, "I don't know where they learn this stuff" so many times. Well, if you don't know - you're not spending enough time with them! These kids are obviously learning it somewhere.

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Where do they learn that stuff? From the electronic baby sitters...TV and internet. Parents don't monitor their kids anymore (very few take any role in raising their kids).


OMGosh!!! This is appalling!!! And yes, very disturbing!!! I agree with Donna about the tv and internet and the parent's lack of supervision and not taking more of an active role in their kids lives. A lot of this could be avoided. This is just SICK!!!!!

I am a parent of two teens and I can tell you that despite my best and most consistant efforts, my kids still manage to throw me for a loop now and then. Being present and involved is only part of the battle, kids are bombarded with messages that far outreach their level of maturity, inciting them to mimic unsavoury behaviours. The stakes are higher than they have ever been and resources are wearing thin. There aren't always 'signs' that precede outbreaks of outrageous behaviour. When we were children, attempts at pushing the enveloppe were met with a swift and unyielding dicipline which helped us learn where our moral and ethical lines were drawn. We never dared to push further. Now, children know that the repercussions they may face are nothing compared to the potential gains they perceive. When I read about shocking events such as these, I pull my children as close to me as possible and practice damage control. Casting a blanket of blame upon parents as a whole won't do anyone any good. The best we can do is expose our kids to these news items and take the time to discuss and educate. A bomb that we manage to defuse is still a bomb and requires constant monitoring but at least shouldn't blow up for the time being.

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