Sexy, huh?

Yeah, I wouldn't say he is either.

This is the mugshot of 67-year-old Louis Faucheaux, JR from Thibodeaux, Louisiana.

Faucheaux was arrested yesterday for aggravated incest. The family member is a MINOR!

They haven't disclosed a name for the victim - or even the gender of the victim. How depraved do you have to be to commit a crime like this?

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Excuse me for being so graphic,but, String him up by his balls!!! Enough said.

I have similar thoughts. I say nail his junk to a tree stump, set the stump on fire, hand him a knife, and walk away...

Careful ... he might like it. Ok, even I'm grossed out by that image.


yuck, and they say gay people corrupt kids. At least gay people dont have a history to do this kind of thing. these people are very very ill and need to be put away so they dont hurt any one else.


Innocent until proven guilty... i guess it depends on the crime

In the movie "Milk" they showed some actual clips of Anita Bryant and other people like her who claimed that their fight would protect our kids from pedophiles. Even then the statistics showed that the majority of pedophiles are in fact heterosexual.

Amazes me that there are still people out there who blame homosexuality for kids being the victim of pedophiles when it is still a fact that a much higher percentage of heterosexuals committing these time of sexual crimes ...