Madonna DENIED!

For once, someone told Madonna "No!".

A judge in Malawi denied Madonna's application to adopt a 3-year-old girl.

The reason was regarding the residency requirement to adopt in Malawi. The first time she adopted from the country, Madonna used her money to get around that stipulation in 2006 when she adopted David Banda.

Recently, she received a lot of criticism for her attempt to adopt a second time from Malawi. People were outraged when she was able to avoid the residency requirement the first time and feel that she has contributed to the escalating problem of child trafficking for profit in many African nations, including Malawi.

All that aside, just because she has a ton of money, should she really be adopting anyways? She can't exactly provide the most stable environment - especially now. It's not like Rosie O'Donnell who adopted then took time away from being in the spotlight to make sure the kids had as close to a stable upbringing as possible. Seems to me that Madonna is just trying to fill a void in her life rather than trying to give a child a stronger future.

Madonna - adoption is NOT about the PARENT.

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If Madonna wants to adopt so bad, let her adopt the Octo-kids lol

I just don't like Madonna and never have. Good post!