Survivor Week 10 : Chicken Wings & Salvation

This week started with Sierra whining about sticking to the "cross tribe" alliance and listening to Coach spout more of his enlightened garbage - something about "slaying the dragon". The question is, was he referring to Brendan or masturbation?

Let's not forget, Coach is a third-rate soccer coach from a tiny Baptist college who got fired because he abandoned his job to go on a show without informing the school.

Once again, there was a pissing contest between Coach and Tyson for Survivor's biggest douchebag of all time. Scary enough, it's still a tie. Tyson did a great job once again spewing his ignorant venom though. I really wonder if his family has been totally embarrassed by his behavior. He definitely isn't winning any congeniality contests, that's for sure.

To be honest, the challenges weren't really that important. The reward was won by the team of Tyson, Debbie, JT & Erinn and the immunity was won by Debbie, who stole it away from Sierra. Of course, we knew Sierra wouldn't win the immunity because the commercial emphasized she might.

The real fireworks started when Stephan and Taj actually thought up a smart plan - eliminate Tyson. The challenge would be to get JT and Erinn to agree to help. They knew Sierra was already voting for Sierra so there was no reason to involve her. Erinn was a quick sale and JT was mulling it over.

I must say, the best moment so far this season - and maybe of the history of the show - was the look on Coach and Tyson's faces as all those votes for Tyson were read. Someone needs to tell Coach that strength comes in many forms, not just in brute physical strength. It was great to see the Chicken Man get what he deserved! I pray that Coach is next to go ...

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I used to be an avid Survivor fan,never missing an episode, but I quit watching 2 seasons ago. So I really don't know what's going on this season, but it sounds like some of the "same old stuff". Tyson and Coach sound like jerks.