Survivor Week 9 : Blindsider Blindsided

In the aftermath of Joe being removed from the game for health reasons, the entire tribe was in a somber mood while sitting around the campfire.

So Coach Douchebag took the opportunity to become the center of attention and regale the castaways with a tale about him being surrounded by indigenous peoples in the Amazon rainforest while river rafting after being dropped by a military helicopter.

Right. Who could believe that?

Well Coach does. And maybe Tyson - his boy wonder.

The reward challenge this week was a game of underhand throwing to break ceramic tiles. The castaways were split into three teams of three and threw balls to break the opposing teams tiles. The team of Brendan, JT and Debbie were the winners and they received a white-water rafting excursion and a picnic afterwards.

That made Coach whine about not being able to go rafting.

Anyways, the immunity challenge this week was an old Survivor favorite - but it's a boring one to me. The players are hooked to a rope and have to make there way around obstacles - over, under, around, etc - and the first three to make it through moved onto the final round where the players were once again attached to a rope but the obstacle was three feet high.

It was no surprise to see Taj and Stephan having major trouble in the challenge since they are the least athletic in the group. It was also no surprise that Tyson, Brendan and JT were in the final. And no surprise - Tyson won again.

Then the scramble began.

It was hard to know which plot would actually win out. Would the cross-tribe alliance actually get Coach out? Would Coach and Tyson's plan to oust Brandon come to fruition? Which alliance would JT and Stephan side with?

Ultimately, everyone was lying to Sierra and Brendan as the others split the vote 4 for Brendan and 3 for Sierra - just in case Brendan used his hidden immunity idol.

Stupid Brendan didn't use it.

Bye Bye idiot.

Dumbass of the Weak : Coach. Could the guy be more arrogant? And now he is telling fabricated stories to try to impress the others? The man is a soccer coach from an NAIA school who was fired for lying to the administration.

Surprise of the Week : Taj and Stephan. I really did think they could follow through with getting rid of Coach.

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