American Idol Top 3 : A Star, A Boy Next Door & The Over-Rated

Well, I think tonight we got exactly what I thought we would given the Top 3. Adam was a star, Kris was good and Gokey was a mess most of the night. This week's songs would be one from the judges and one chosen by the contestants themselves. In season's past, Simon has usually chosen the right song, Randy has been hit-or-miss and Paula ...

well, she's Paula. [insert your own Abdul joke here]

So here are my thoughts about each contestant ...

Danny Gokey - His first song was Dance Little Sister by Terrence Trent d'Arby courtesy of Paula. Once again, Paula missed with her song choice. She picked a song that the majority of the viewers who vote would know! To top it off, once again he sounded the same as every song this season. The biggest question mark about Gokey is his versatility - why would you pick a song like all the rest?

For his second song, he chose to do You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker. At least he can pick a song better than Paula. I was very worried before his performance. I was bracing for yet another raspy performance like every other one. The first part of the song sounded like an asthma attack. Once he hit the middle of the song, he sounded like the Danny I liked back in the auditions. I'm afraid I don't agree with Simon saying this was a "master class" in singing but at least it was better than the first song.

Oh, and Gokey ... DON'T DANCE.

Kris Allen - For his first song, he had Randy & Kara choosing his song. I actually wonder how they decided. Anyways, the song they chose was Apologize by One Republic. All season long, Kris has done a nice job of changing songs to fit his style. Until tonight. His version was basically a competent duplication of the original. For his second song, he chose Heartless by The Fray/Kanye West. Again, it was good.

Kris is basically the "boy next door" singer ... Attractive, familiar but not exciting. I think he will do well out on the real music world, especially if he decides to record Contemporary Christian music.

Adam Lambert - They saved the best for last. For his judge's pick, Simon chose One by U2. Perfect choice! He was the only one to take the judge's pick and really make it his own. That's what an artist is Kris and Gokey! I can't say just how incredible Adam is enough. Oh ... and how awesome was it when Simon booed Randy for being a dumbass? Priceless!

For his second song, Adam chose Aerosmith's Cryin'. I have just three words ...


If Adam doesn't win this season, I demand a recount.

I hope to see Adam and Kris in the finale next week. Based on the season and tonight, Karaoke Gokey does NOT deserve to be in the finale. As for the finale, we should be seeing Adam Lambert as the new Idol.

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