American Idol Top 4 Results

First of all, let's just start tonight's recap with that craptastic performance of Paula Abdul. Like the single she did previously with Randy Jackson, the song was so digitally altered that you couldn't tell just how bad her voice really is. Does anyone else see the absurdity in the fact that she was lip syncing on a show that values the singing ability of its contestants? I know that many performers will lip sync because they want to concentrate on the choreography. I have news for Paula ... it wasn't worth concentrating on.

The funniest part of her performance was the line in her song that said, "I didn't mean to turn you on." Sorry Paula, there is no need to worry about turning anyone on. Except maybe Tivo.

While I could have done without the Daughtry performance, I will say that I fully enjoyed Gwen Stefani's performance. That said, I would like to know why only 10 minutes or so of the 60-minute results show is dedicated to the contestants. I remember when American Idol was ALL about the contestants. I don't know if any of y'all have seen X Factor (UK version) on YouTube but they actually devote the show to those performing. What a concept!

As for the actual results, I am not happy. Allison Iraheta was voted off tonight despite the fact that only she and Adam will probably have great careers after the show is finished. "Karaoke Gokey" is the one who should have been eliminated tonight. Oh, well. Let's just hope that Adam Lambert can beat out the other two.

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Ditto to everything you just said...except the part about Daughtry. I loved his performance...I'm a big fan of his...ever since his 1st days on Idol. I'm really sorry to see Allison go, she is very talented and will still go far in her career. Hopefully her fans will now vote for Adam and he will win. I'll literally get sick if Danny or Kris win. Go Adam!!!

like lisa, i like daughtry...I wanted him to win american idol,just as i wanted allison to win this year. other then that, who the heck is voting?

Paula may have been lip-syncing, but i doubt you'll hear any complaints from the male half of the population about that