Dancing With The Stars : Finals

Well I think most of us knew way back in week 1 that the finalists would be Melissa, Gilles and Shawn. I am still kind of surprised it worked out that way since usually one of the best dancers gets eliminated far too early. At least this season, we got one awesome show for the finals!

This season, the finals consists of a paso doble face-off, the freestyle dance and one more dance for the judge's tomorrow night. As always, the viewer votes will count for 50% of the score.

In the paso, the judges picked Gilles as the winner, with a perfect 30/30. I disagree. Maybe it is just because we have a different view but I think the judges missed that in the beginning, he looked like a cartoon character out there. In the end of the dance, where all three couples were performing, he actually looked like he ran out of steam and clearly didn't look the strongest of the three.

Melissa took second, just one point behind Gilles. I thought it should have been the other way around. Melissa clearly had the most intensity of the three and she just did one amazing thing about another. Her turn sequence was the highlight of the face-off for me.

Shawn was in third but only one point behind Melissa. I was surprised that she received a 10 from Bruno. Shawn was clearly the most subdued of the three and in a dance that should be danced aggressively, she failed at that aspect of the style.

In the freestyle round, Shawn was the clear winner with a perfect 30/30. She definitely was fun to watch and they were smart to not throw up a ton of gymnastic tricks. Unfortunately for Melissa, Tony threw in way too many tricks and it looked like she was doing a cheerleading routine at times. I think if they had done less tricks, she would have gotten higher than a 27/30. Gilles wasn't much better. In fact, I thought he was over-scored with a 28/30. No way did he deserve a 10 from any judge. They did a throwback to Flashdance ... which focuses on the woman! Why focus on the professional dancer and not the celebrity?

Overall, Shawn and Gilles are tied with 58/60 points with Melissa just two points behind with 56/60. Depending on what the judges scores are tomorrow night (which the judges usually give them all the same scores so that the viewer vote decides it), Melissa's fan support could win it for her. She has been behind by much more and survived!

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