Dancing With The Stars : Semi-Finals

I will apologize again for not having a recap ... We had a bad thunderstorm come through and I missed some of the show and had to try to calm our golden retriever down. Not easy as she is 80lbs and 10 years old.

I will say this about tonight. I think Gilles was scored a bit too high as was Ty for both of his dances. I don't think he should have gotten anything above a 7. He just wasn't in the same league as the other competitors. Y'all know I love Ty but he just doesn't belong in the finals. I also think they were too tough on Melissa. Had any of the other 3 people done her routine, they would have gotten 10's. They are just judging her more critically than the others.

Now, for a full recap ... Visit Joy's site!

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Gilles was so much better than the others. Melissa was in second place. Then Shawn. Ty is a great person and has improved the most but will probably go tonight unless the voting is strange again.

Thanks for the shout-out!! :-)