Reserve East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff's deputy Kevin Duke, 51, was arrested today.

That in itself is disturbing to me. However, it goes much deeper that just mild disgust. Let me back up a bit.

Earlier in the day, Kenner, LA, detective Rob McGraw set out on a mission to save a 13-year-old girl in Baton Rouge from being molested. He had arrested a man who had been broadcasting himself masturbating on a webcam for the 13-year-old girl. During the interrogation of the man, he admitted to receiving naked photos of the girl. So Detective McGraw raced to save the girl from harm.

He was in for quite a shock.

There was no girl. In fact, there never was.

When the detective found the house from where the photos had been sent, he found Duke. Duke admitted to the detective that he had posed as the girl and sent out the nude photos. Duke was then arrested for possession of child pornography after approximately 15 photos of children ages 7-13 engaging in sexual activity were found on his computer.

And this is someone who is supposed to protect children from this kind of exploitation. How are we supposed to trust our police when we keep seeing stories like this on the news?

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Good reason to move up here *g* What's wrong with you people in LA huh? *g*

Yeah, but isn't this like an everyday occurrence in Baton Rouge?


It's a shame we can't even trust our law enforcement officers anymore. What's this world coming to?

I wouldn't say an everyday occurance ... the police corruption is/was much more prevalent in New Orleans and in other parishes. IMO, just one story like this is too much.