Moakler Resigns Over Trump's Decision

I purposely haven't been writing about the whole Miss California fiasco. Why? I didn't want to contribute to her 15 minutes of infamy. After today's and yesterday's news, I feel I should make sure people know how disappointing it all is.

You may remember during the Miss USA pageant, Miss California Carrie Prejean spoke out against marriage equality during the Question & Answer portion of the finals. Since then, she has used her title to speak out against gay marriage. She has even recorded PSAs for several anti-gay groups. Also, racy photos have come to light and she has broken numerous clauses in her contract with the Miss California USA organization.

Yesterday, Donald Trump held a press conference to announce that she would retain her title and that he was proud that she has been speaking her mind.

Anyone else think Trump missed the point completely?

For starters, the main reason the directors of the Miss California USA organization were calling for her removal is that she hasn't been fulfilling her contract with the organization. She has been using the title to further her own discriminatory agenda. She hasn't even been willing to do any of the things she has been scheduled to do by the organization. That in itself is grounds for removal.

Secondly, Trump has proved that like millions of other people, he is ignorant. The fight for gays to have the right to marry isn't just about gays being able to get married. The bigger picture is that WE ARE FIGHTING TO BE EQUAL. No one is asking anyone to agree with us. Gays are NOT asking churches to perform marriage ceremonies that go against their beliefs. Marriage is no longer a religious entity - millions of straight people have already destroyed the sanctity of marriage by making the divorce rate higher than the marriage rate! It is amazing to me how some people want separation of church and state ... but only when it suits their agenda.

Miss California pageant co-director Shana Moakler has resigned in protest of the decision to allow Prejean to continue as Miss California.

Moakler, a former Miss USA title holder and a supporter of gay marriage, said in a statement she "cannot with a clear conscious move forward supporting and promoting the Miss Universe Organization when I no longer believe in it, or the contracts I signed committing myself as a youth."

While in the past I haven't had much desire to watch her MTV reality show, I have a new respect for Moakler.

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I commend trump in not stripping her of her title. The real reason everyone wants her out is because of the fact that she did in fact state she does not believe in gay marriages and since then EVERYBODY seems to have attacked her for it. Which is unfair as she was asked for her opinion and she gave it. It may have not been the answer everyone expected or the way she should've answered but that, but that is her opinion and she has been berated for it ever since she gave it. What happened to freedom of speech?

Trump could not have let Prejean go without stripping the other contestant who also had racy photos actually published in maxim. The only reason she's become so famous for her answer is because people keep saying she's a horrible person, or she's a bitch, etc. or that she's not representing all of california in how she believes.

but do any of the people realize that if she had said that she believed in gay marriages the others side would be tearing her down like all the gays and lesbians and everyone else is doing now.

I find it funny that she gets so much heat for answering the question the exact same way President Obama answered, and she's treated like the devil, and he's treated like the hero...

Actually, its not her comments that got the directors to seek taking the crown away. It wasn't until the racy photos and all the appearances she refused to make that they even began talking about taking away her crown.

She decided to pursue her own agenda and used the title in appearances that were not approved by the organization and skipped appearances scheduled for her to do them.

The photos weren't the real issue and neither were her anti-gay comments. Yes, those upset a lot of people but they were not why the title was in jeopardy.


oh the photos were an issue to and one of the reasons they wanted her out. but in reality the team had been trying to find a way to get her stripped since she made the comment, as neither of her managers agreed with what she said. they didn't even meet her backstage when the contest was over. Granted she should be doing what she's supposed to do for Ms.California, but it's just not a good enough reason to strip her of her crown compared to what alot of other pagent people do. I heard on foxnews that Carrie Prejean would also gladly hand in her crown if that was what everyone wanted, but as long as she was aloud to wear it and represent california (which technically she is representing how the majority of californians feel on the issue that's gotten her so much heat) she would to.

I personally hope this crap dies down. there's actually more important things to worry about than whether a pagent queen gets to keep her crown