New Season of Bachelorette Premieres

Those of y'all who watched last season of The Bachelor will remember Jillian Harris, who was sent home by the evil Jason in the next-to-last rose ceremony. If you're like me, you fell in love with her quirky personality. I was really hoping that they would make her the next Bachelorette and was thrilled when it was announced.

Unlike Jason, Jillian was still her same likable self during the first "getting to know you" party. I think this is going to be one of the best seasons they have done throughout the history of the series. Jillian just has that ability to draw you in with her personality and make you want to see her find the person she is looking for.

One of the first twists was that Jillian would have 5 extra guys to choose from. A few were okay, and a few weren't worth adding to the mix. I wonder how many guys will be eliminated next week since there will be 20 instead of 15.

Some of the guys I liked ...

Juan, the contractor. Something about him just made me drawn to him. Doesn't hurt that he is a handsome guy ... or a "hunk" as my friend Lisa called him.

Jake, the airline pilot. IMO, he was the best looking man on the show. Also, he has the same "marry your best friend" philosophy that Jillian has.

David, from Ohio. That's almost everything he said outside when he met Jillian. His nerves took over and I thought he was sunk right there. Instead, he used his one-on-one time to make up for it and he was awarded the 'first impression rose'.

Kiptyn. I'm not sure how I feel about him yet. He was cute, but I just couldn't get a read on him.

Who turned me off ...

Steve, the lawyer. The guy should have to wear an "I'm a Douchebag" sign.

Wes, the country singer. The first thing that popped in my head is that he seems to only be on the show to get some exposure and to get discovered. He said he wrote a song (that he sung) for her ... but I'm sure it's just a song he wrote and is hoping a producer or someone will hear it on the show.

Kyle, the idiot. The guy drew a moustache on her hand. Can we say, loser?

Mike, Senor Crisco. He was one of the 5 extra guys. My friend Lisa nicknamed him "the Crisco guy" because it looked like he had an entire container of it in his hair.

Greg aka. "Billbro", the fitness model. He may be one of the biggest "tools" to ever be cast on this show.

Jesse. He wore a t-shirt that said,"aspiring Canadian." Can we say desperate?

Tanner P. He is completely handsome ... but he has a pervy foot fetish. Not saying all fetishes are pervy ... but man was he creepy.

In the end, the roses went to:

Jake (our favorite!)
Mike (yes, Crisco man)
Brian B.
Tanner P. (the creepy foot guy)
Tanner F.
Juan (was worried she wouldn't say his name!)

Was awesome to see Steve and Billbro be eliminated. I don't think I could have watched them much longer. Steve proved how big a tool he is when he stated, "maybe she doesn't like awesome guys." I have news for him, he isn't as awesome as he thinks he is.

During the upcoming highlights, there were a few things that caught my ear. Is someone there just for exposure? Do three of the guys already have girlfriends?? Is someone there just to become the next Bachelor???

Should make for an interesting season!

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I had fun watching the show with you. Was a lot of fun.Seems we agree on all of them...LOL. Great recap!