The "Question Mark"

This is Pokey's favorite position we think ... We call it the "question mark" because he lites on his back with his legs and tail in the air. Then he flops his head to the side in a way that creates something resembling a question mark. How in the world is that comfortable? Would be nice if that were the biggest worry in my day too!

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I got home from work today, went upstairs to change, and found Maxie (10 year old cat) looking almost just like Pokey LOL


He's the cutest question mark I've ever seen.....adorable.

Oh .. that rear end to the right of Pokey is Dakota ... It's even cuter when the two of them "spoon". Dakota will lay behind Pokey and put her paw up on his back. lol

Scooter does the same thing. Some of the positions he gets himself into CAN NOT be comfortable.
But what do I know? I'm only human. :-)