Student Suspended!

A couple days ago, I told y'all about high school senior Tyler Frost who was told he would be suspended for going to another school's prom with his girlfriend.

The principal made good on the threat and suspended Tyler.

Tyler and his girlfriend traveled to NY to do interviews this week. I would not be surprised if the school soon faced a law suit from the Frost family.

Anyone else outraged by this??

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Oh yes, I am totally outraged by this story. If i remember correctly, the boy was required to sign a contract that is the center of this whole controversy. Now i know it wasn't a LIFE contract, just a contract for his school. So how does this principal even believe for a moment that he can get away with telling this child where he can go, what he can do or anything else??? I thought this was still a free country?? Am i wrong here??? I say ...leave him alone and let him live his life the way he wants to, it's just a Prom for God's sake, it's not like it's life or death or anyone's business for that matter. I know the school's religion prohibits these kinds of things but it's not at that school so like i said, none of their business....PERIOD!!!!!!!


AMEN Karen...just what I wanted to took the words right out of my mouth. I hope they do sue and win!

I think the school was in the wrong. They seem to have forgotten that people danced in the Bible, yes there was dancing for the wrong reasons, but there was also dancing in praise and worship. Also, I think trying to dictate how anybody should behave outside the school setting is just going way too far.

I wonder if anybody's followed the principal around outside of school and picked up on something he does that's against the "contract" (Which IMO, only applies at school during school hours, not in life).