SYTYCD : Miami & Memphis Auditions

Tonight was the second installment of the So You Think You Can Dance auditions. Like last week, this episode showed auditions from two cities; Memphis and Miami. And like last week, there were some great performances and some even greater trainwrecks. Of course, we love those hot messes who think they can dance.

In Miami, some of the performers to watch out for were :

Paris - She was a former Miss Washington title holder and is a lyrical/contemporary dancer who did some really creative movements with her body and keep me wondering what was coming next. Despite judge Tyce D'Orio wanting to see her come back for the choreography round, Paris got a ticket straight to the Las Vegas bootcamp! Paris' problem will be finding a way to really stand out from all the other great lyrical dancers.

Janette & Romulo - Last season, the couple auditioned in Washington, D.C. and Romulo was cut after doing the choreography. Janette, on the other hand, was through to Vegas and just missed making the Top 10 girls. I remember watching their Latin ballroom routine last year ... and this year they were so much better. The partner work was extraordinary which shows the judges that they will be great at partner work ... which is the cornerstone of the live shows. This season, both dancers were put straight through to Vegas.

Thalia - Thalia's story was the most intriguing of the evening. She was married at 18 and just less than 4 years later, her husband was killed in a motorcycle accident. That was 2 years ago. Her audition for the show was her way of connecting to life again. Watching her hip hop/contemporary routine, I had a feeling of "just wanting" this to happen for her. Although the judges had do the choreography round, Thalia made it to Vegas! I just hope that she did the work before Vegas week to help her stand out during boot camp.

And the hot messes ...

"Tony" - This guy was shown in a long interview as a lead-in to his audition. He said that he does 'tony style' which can be "as kinky as [he] wants." He also claimed he could dance for five or six hours without stopping. Well, he "danced" for two minutes and he had to be checked out by medics because he was having trouble breathing. Typical guy ... says they can go for hours but after just 2 mins, they're done.

Wislande - I think she thought she was auditioning to be a stripper. Or maybe it was a dancing hooker? She actually thought she didn't need to prove she could dance! She told Nigel, "well i know i can dance ... its for you to show me what to do." Um, no.

And those to watch for from Memphis ...

Caitlyn - Her sister had gotten put straight through to Vegas during the Miami auditions so she had a little pressure on her! It was also noted that she had been dancing for only 5 years and had had hip reconstruction surgery in the past ... which made it amazing that she recovered enough to continue dancing. She was amazing and even better than her sister.

Anna - She was dancing in public for the first time in a year ... when her father took his own life. Like Tahlia in Miami, this was a huge personal statement that she was even auditioning. While her movement was amazing, the judges didn't like that she had over-choreographed her audition solo. She went on to the choreography round and was sent through to Vegas.

Evan & Ryan - No, it's not another same-sex ballroom couple ... they're brothers. Last season, Evan made it all the way until the Top 40 in Vegas and missed out on making the live shows. Ryan was auditioning for the first time, although he had choreographed Evan's solo and his solo last year as well. Evan did a Gene Kelly-style jazz piece and easily earned a ticket to Vegas. Ryan did an acapella tap routine ... accompanied by a whoopie cushion. It may seem odd, but it was brilliant. And yes, he made it too.

And the one I'd like to forget ...

Chris - He had red dreadlocks down to his waist and honestly looked like he was on something. He had created his own style that he coined 'electric'. I'm not sure what the hell he was doing but it looked more like a witch dancing in the moonlight with the rest of their coven. He didn't even want to let the judges critique the routine ... So why was he even there? I don't even think he knew!

The auditions resume Thursday night at 8PM EST/7PM CST with the Los Angeles and Seattle auditions.

And Big news! SYTYCD has announced that they have added a Fall season for the show and tomorrow the auditions will start in Boston! You interested in auditioning? Check out the show's site for information.

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