Timberlake Does SNL ... And Is Funny!

If you missed Justin Timberlake hosting SNL last night, you missed a good one. I haven't seen an SNL this funny in a few seasons to be honest. Usually I just watch for Weekend Update and then change the channel. Of course, that was when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were doing it. They must have gotten some great writers for last night's show. I really wanted to get the Target sketch he did in drag ... nothing like Justin as an old woman buying satin handcuffs to use on a first date. Good times.

This is the "Come to Plasticville" sketch he did. I'd love to know who wrote the parodies of Lady GaGa and Black Eyed Peas songs ... they were brilliant. I apologize for not getting the best quality video ... they've already been yanked from YouTube.

I apologize if the video doesn't work ... If it doesn't, let me know so I can
delete it. Sometimes videos get pulled from YouTube.

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You already know that I watched this last night and it was hilarious! It was fun "watching it with you" with yahoo IM. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. I'm glad you told me to watch it.