What Do Y'all Think?

I was watching television the other day and I heard this question and I was wondering ...

Do kids today have more attitude?

I'm curious what others think. I remember when I was a kid if we talked back to our parents, we got spanked or punished in various ways. These days, if you even talk about spanking a child you can end up with Child Services at your door. You can't ground someone or send them to their room as punishment because that's where they want to be anyway ... that's where their computer, video games and television are!

So ... what do y'all think?

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Yes - yes - yes!!!
Both of my parents had 'the glare' that spoke more than any words ever could.
If I talked to my parents the way kids talk to their parent's these days I'd be grounded for life.
As old as it makes me sound (and feel) things certainly are different these days!!


yes they do. Kids act so rude and disrespectful nowadays because they KNOW they can get away with it.

I am so scared to discipline my daughter in public because of having CPS called on me, and she's starting to realize that I won't do anything in public, so she acts up more in public than she does at home.

I used to get grounded all the time and you're right it doesn't work, I never minded if I got grounded cause i was always allowed to read. that was it. Well i LOVE books so it was never a punishment, but if I did something REALLY bad I'd get spanked and by god I learned my lesson.

I think people need to draw lines with disciplining, and realize that there are SOME things where it is appropriate to spank a child (SPANK NOT BEAT). I.E. They CONTINUE to break the same rule OVER and OVER.

My daughter has this really bad habit of chewing on electrical cords or unplugging them from the wall, and she just laughs when we tell her no, but if we slap her hand just enough to get our point across she doesn't go near them for at least a week.

another example is If the kid is throwing hard objects in the house and BREAKS a very expensive electronic such as a computer or tv.

But there are just to many people who take disciplining to far and cross that very obvious line and beat the kids that make everyone think it's not ok to discipline a kid and that it's harmful.

Kids today definitely have an attitude problem. I see it at work every day when a kid throws a tantrum because Mom won't buy a toy...then Mom doesn't do anything about the tantrum and just leaves the kid sitting in the aisle! I had an instance like this several years ago. The child threw a tantrum because his mother wouldn't buy a toy, so he threw a tantrum in the toy aisle. Mom walked off leaving him there, so the kid starts throwing the toys around the aisle. The manager said something to the kid, and the kid very loudly yelled "F.... YOU!" Manager found the mother, told her that if the kid broke anything she would be responsible for paying. Mom got angry, took the kid (still screaming) and left in a huff. Guess we know where the kid got it.

I do agree that parents need to get back to basics with discipline. Parents let kids run the household and that's not how it's supposed to be.

I think that a lot of parents worry for naught about the whole CPS thing... If you don't hit your kid, no one has a reason to call them -- and hitting your kid is definitely not the only way to discipline them. Clark and I have established boundaries of acceptable behavior, and Boogie knows not to overstep. He knows that there are consequences to his actions -- which can be both good or bad. He knows that he is not to "get fresh" with adults or to hit people, and I don't have to resort to hitting him to keep this behavior in line. I have made the conscious decision to not use corporal punishment with my children, because I was literally beaten as a child, and I do not want to run the risk of losing control like my mother did... I don't think the problem is that other people dictate how we are allowed to discipline our children. I think the problem is that a great many people are too lazy to actually follow through and let their child be unhappy for as long as it takes to uphold the rules they want upheld. Maybe I am just a snob with an unusually well-behaved child, but I think that the discussions, time-outs, and "hairy eyeball" glares really have contributed to my child's behavior (for which I am often complimented in public).