The Bachelorette : Who Has A Girlfriend Pt. 2

Well folks ... none of the guys (ie. Wes) could be a man and own up to having a girlfriend waiting for them back home. Although, Jillian may soon realize what Wes' true intentions are ... but not until next week. Damn.

Once again, there were three dates. Two one-on-one dates and one sausagefest group date.

The first single date went to Michael, the break-dance instructor. Does anyone else look at him and think of Jesse and that whole fiasco? The date began with Jillian explaining that she was looking forward to the date because Michael was someone who could have been cut the previous night. The two went ziplining ... how many times did we need to watch them do the same thing? Even their dinner date made me want to take a nap. But he revealed that he hadn't been on a date since he ended his last relationship 8 months ago, so of course she gave him the rose. I swear, she is collecting sad, pathetic guys to keep until the end.

The second date was a group date with the rest of the guys, except for Jesse. She took the guys snowmobiling and chose Robby to share a snowmobile with her. The rest of the guys have to pair up and ride together. Somehow, that seemed more interesting to me than Jillian and Robby riding together. She took most of the afternoon to grill the guys to see if she could figure out who was hiding their true intentions from her. She couldn't. Even when she asked Tanner who it was, he wouldn't tell her. Why is this guy still around? The only thing that kept me from slipping into a coma was her conversation with (surprisingly yummy) Ed. He told her he got a call from his boss who basically told him to come back to work or be unemployed. She gave him the rose to show him she still wanted him there. The next day Ed had to tell her that he had to go back home. I'm bummed there won't be anymore Ed.

On the third - and most boring - date, she took Jesse on a trip in a ski plane to land on a glacier where they frolicked in the snow ... making snow angels and writing their names in the yellow snow. Could this date have been any cheesier? He even said that "if he died tomorrow, it would be ok" because he had the one date with her.

Barf. Spew. Cough.

Sorry, had to get that out. Oh yeah, he whined about his lack of dating since his last break-up and she felt sorry for him and gave him the rose too.

The ending was fairly interesting ... Tanner didn't go home! I thought for sure he was on his way out. After all, we hadn't seen him try to suck her toes this week and he hasn't actually spent any real private time with her. Something tells me he will go on a single or double date next week to see if she has been right to keep him around.

In the end, it was down to Mark and Wes for the final rose. No way would she cut Wes ... she is too mesmerized by his siren song. And Mark was the one guy cut since Ed had already left the show. I don't think I remember what Mark even looks like anyways.

Next week should be interesting though! They showed a clip where Wes is telling the other guys that he has already gotten 6 shows worth of air time and surely he'd gotten enough exposure for someone to want to give him a record deal.

The question is ... will Jillian finally realize that Wes is a phony?

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