Fruitcake Sues Over Crunch Berries

Did you know that crunch berries aren't real fruit?

I know it too ... but apparently at least one woman didn't know that.

Janine Sugawara of Sacremento, CA, sued PepsiCo (parent company of Quaker's) because she was "deceived into buying Cap'n Crunch cereal during a 4-year period because she thought 'crunch berries' were real fruit."

Huh? Can't she read?

Apparently, Judge Morrison England, JR. dismissed the case and said that "a reasonable consumer would have understood the product packaging expressly warrant only that the product contained sweetened corn and oat cereal, which it did."

"As far as this court has been made aware, there is no such fruit (crunch berries) growing in the wild or occurring naturally in any part of the world," England wrote.

San Diego lawyer Harold Hewell, Sugawara's lawyer, also filed a similar suit against Fruit Loops. It was also thrown out. Hewell has filed a new motion seeking another hearing to appeal the dismissal of the PepsiCo lawsuit.

Seems to me that this guy is taking advantage of an obvious fruitcake. At this point, he is just stealing her money. When you think about it, it's kind of funny.

The pirate is taking money from the fruit loop.

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LMAO Just when I think I've heard it all...

Ever since someone sued and won over the fact that there was no warning on take out coffee cups indicating the contents was HOT, I guess the way has been paved for crackpots the continent over.

I'm just wondering how it took her four YEARS to figure out there was no fruit in fruit loops or crunch berries LOL

I'm wondering now if I'd be able to sue the Girl Scouts because I ate 4 boxes of "Thin Mints" and they didn't make me thin.

ROFL! What's scary, I probably could get away with it.

I need to see what this woman looks like.