Kid Too Tall For Children's Discount

Restaurants do all kinds of special "kids price" promotions ... but to put a height requirement as a condition? That seems a bit much.

Apparently, a Chinese restaurant in the UK thinks that children under 12 shouldn't be taller than 4 feet 7 1/2 inches tall. Recently a 10-year-old was charged full price for his meal because he is 4 feet 11 inches. To make it even more sketchy, they didn't tell the parents until after they'd already eaten their meal.

"We went up to the counter to pay after the meal and I thought they'd got the bill wrong," Ben's father, Gareth Gardner, told the paper. "I said they'd mischarged us and they made Gareth stand next to a height chart and told me he didn't qualify for the children's menu."

Why in the world should it matter how tall the kid is? If you have a special promotion for all kids under 12, why discriminate kids who can't help that they've had an early growth spurt? It's not like they were trying to cheat the restaurant by saying the kid was younger than he really is.

Seems to me restaurants shouldn't be doing things to lose customers. Have some class!

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This is crazy! Kids of all ages come in all sizes. Height doesn't have anything to do with the age of a child. It is discrimination...and not fair.