Octo-Mom Eyeing The Small Screen

God help us.

The Octomom has found a production company willing to film her while she uses her children to chase her dream of being famous. She signed a production agreement with Eyeworks, who is responsible for such garbage as Breaking Bondaduce. They have credible shows like The Biggest Loser, but I seriously doubt any kind of show starring the OctoVagina would be up to that caliber.

Just when you thought that disgusting famewhore had left the public eye, there she is using those poor babies to satisfy her need for attention ... and money.

Amazingly, she actually thinks people give a damn about her. She wants to limit the filming of the children to things like holidays and birthdays.

Um, people would be watching the show for THE KIDS. Not for her crazy ass.

Why hasn't child services done anything about the crazy woman? It is clear she is an unfit mother and those kids deserve to not grow up in a psychologically unstable home.

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Well, I hope her new show bombs...and I'm pretty sure it will. Specially if the kids aren't in it. I feel sorry for those poor kids to being exposed to all of this publicity and for having a Mom like her.