SYTYCD : Top 20 Performs

I think this season may be the best Top 20 from top to bottom of any season so far. Usually in week 1 there are several shaky routines .... but not tonight! Tonight, it was more about being memorable and making people want to pick up a phone to vote for you. Most managed to do just that ... but of course, a few may be in trouble tomorrow night.

For those who've never seen the show, the bottom three couples based on the viewer vote will be in danger of being eliminated. Each of the six dancers will "dance for their life" for the judges. The judges will then confer and choose one guy and one girl to leave the show. Every week, Nigel and Mary will be on the judge's panel along with a guest judge. This week's guest judge is Director/Choreographer Adam Shankman.

Those Who Rocked It

Jeanine & Phillip - Hip-Hop w/ Tabitha & Napoleon - Jeanine was very nervous when they pulled hip-hop out of the hat. Despite not having had any hip-hop experience, Jeanine killed it on stage. Phillip is an amazing dancer and Jeanine was able to hold her own next to him. They should easily be safe this week.

Randi & Evan - Jazz w/ Tyce D'Orio - In case anyone didn't know it already, Evan is by far my favorite dancer this season. I was hoping they'd pair him with Kaitlyn, but Randi was also a great choice. She was someone we didn't learn much about during the auditions and I hadn't even seen her until they showed her being chosen for the Top 20. I have to say, Evan is even better than I thought and the two make a great pair. I think Randi is going to benefit from Evan getting so much attention throughout the auditions. They shouldn't have any trouble making it to next week.

Kaitlyn & Jason - Ballywood w/ Nakuhl - Probably the hardest routine of the night and they killed it. At one point they started to get out of sync but they managed to tighten it up and perform one of the best routines of the night. They should be safe this week.

Jeanette & Brandon - Foxtrot w/ Louis VanAmstel - This is the first season Louis has choreographed for the show. Those DWTS fans reading this will remember him from a few seasons ago. Usually, the ballroom routines in the first couple weeks of competition aren't the best but these two pulled it out and were just exquisite. Not bad for a salsa dancer and a contemporary dancer! My only problem with the performance was that I felt Brandon's smile was a bit phony. They should be safe this week but I wouldn't be surprised to see them in the Bottom 3.

Ashley & Kupono - Jazz w/ Wade Robson - Anyone who has seen a Wade Robson routine (including his work with Cirque du Soleil) knows just how brilliant Wade is. Anytime you get the chance to peek into his unique world, consider yourself lucky. This routine was about 2 crash test dummies; one is a nervous mess and the other new to the job. As he explained, the two are expressing that you should live life like you've never been hurt ... to take risks and enjoy all life has to offer. Love it or hate it, the two danced it beautifully. I would be shocked to see them dancing for their lives this week.

Melissa & Ade - Contemporary w/ Mandy Moore - Melissa is the oldest competitor at 29-years-old. It wouldn't know it from this routine. These two knocked it out of the park tonight and I would be shocked to see them not sail right into next week.

Kayla & Max - Samba w/ Louis VanAmstel - Again, the ballroom was the place to be tonight. Unlike the cha-cha performance, I saw great chemistry between the two dancers. Considering she'd never had any ballroom training, Kayla looked like a natural up on that stage. If she is that good in a foreign style, I can't wait to see her in her normal genre.

Should be worried this week

Paris & Tony - Hip-Hop w/ Tabitha & Napoleon - Paris was one of the people I picked early on in the auditions but I was surprised that she made it into the Top 20. Just a few years ago, she was in a serious car accident which left her with serious injuries and an uncertain future. Still today, she has no feeling below the knee in her left leg. Even more surprising is that tonight, Paris is the one who stood out in this routine. That is big considering that Tony is a hip-hop dancer. I am worried that the chemistry they have now won't be enough when it comes to the other styles. They could be in trouble this week.

Asuka & Vitolio - Broadway w/ Tyce D'orio - The choreography was wonderful but it seemed to me that the pair was dancing it too slowly. What they performed didn't match the music. They are a perfect example of two great dancers who just haven't found a groove together. There was no chemistry between them and it really showed. Despite great technique, I think they were maybe the most forgettable couple of the night.

Carla & Jonathan - Cha-Cha w/ Tony Meredith - I think the judges didn't really call this one right. I think Carla was sexy as hell, but there were just some big mistakes in the routine. At one point, they even almost fell on a move they did. Again, I didn't remember this couple after the show was over. Neither of the two had much exposure during the auditions and they needed to do something special to make people notice them ... and they didn't do that.

My Bottom 3

Carla & Jonathan
Asuka & Vitolio
Kayla & Max

Normally, in the first few weeks you would see both members of a couple going home. I think the talent is so high this year that it is going to come down to the solos they do to fight for their spot in the competition. I have a feeling it could be Asuka and Max going home this week. As good as they are, I don't see them being able to do a good enough solo compared to the others.

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