SYTYCD : Phoenix Auditions

It's a new season and so why not audition in a new city?

So, it's off to Phoenix the judges went.

It's always a party when Mia is involved. And honestly, I don't really care what Nigel has to say. And even Mary to some degree. When I want to get a real critique, I want it to be Mia giving it. To me, she is the most qualified to be a judge on this show.

Phoenix actually provided some great talent.

One of my favorites was Alison Becker. She is, I think, the first deaf contestant to make it to Vegas. She had to go through the choreography to prove should could handle it, but I was truly inspired by her solo performance. Also, Sasha (in video below) is one to look out for.

Sasha and Alison (3:56)

Another pair to look for was Jacob & Willum, who were same-sex latin ballroom dancers. Last season we got a taste of same-sex ballroom, but that pair was fairly clumsy and not polished enough. These two were sent to choreography to see how they danced with a female partner and both were rewarded with tickets to Vegas.

The worst? Jonathan Morona and his basketball shorts, sticks and cards that spelled out Disco - but he was NOT dancing disco!

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