Survivor : Don't Want A Cakewalk

I apologize for the lateness of this ...

In what may be the smartest move ever in first 3 days of a Survivor season, Russell began searching for the hidden immunity idol - without a single clue. Obviously, this guy thought about how he was going to compete prior to arriving in Samoa. I'm not sure anyone else did, though. From the look of it, it didn't take Russell long to find the idol hidden inside a tree in the middle of Foa Foa's camp. Is he the only one who has watched this show? I'm with him - I'd be searching for the idol my own self.

Say what you want about Russell, but he is playing the smartest game so far.

The same can't be said for Mike (aka Verosi). He seems to think that he isn't the weakest person in challenges. I'm sorry but even the dumb blondes were more useful doing the puzzle in the first challenge.

In the Reward/Immunity Challenge, the tribes had 3 players fighting for possession of balls that they had to get to one of their teammates up on a platform. That player would then try to throw the ball into the opposing tribe's basket. First tribe to 3 won immunity and fishing kit.

You know just by the description that things would get physical - and they did. In fact, Ben was kicked out of the challenge for using a cheap shot - for the first time in show history. The other interesting point in the game was when Mike took a hit so hard, he looked like he didn't know where he was afterward. He just kind of walked around aimlessly with his pants hanging down. Such a strong player, huh? After the challenge, Mike was having trouble breathing and had a bp of 92/60. The doctor pulled him out of the competition. This is why you don't cast an old, overweight, nonathletic guy and throw him into the wild and expect him to be able to handle it.

Once again, Galu won the challenge. After this victory, Galu's leader, Russell, was told to choose someone to go to Foa Foa's camp and observe, interact with the tribe and to receive the clue to the immunity idol. He chose Yasmin to go and I was so glad he did. It's always fun to see people get cocky on this show and she did not disappoint. She actually walked in there and said she was there to help them with strategy because they don't want a cakewalk. Um, when did Jeff say anything about strategy? Besides, there's only been two challenges at this point and she hasn't done anything strategic! From there, she spent a lot of her visit having a toddler argument with Ben. I really wanted to see those two start hitting.

Tribal Council wasn't really exciting. Russell wanted Betsy gone because she questioned his tactics. So, she is gone.

Foa Foa is now down three members to Galu. They better do something fast.

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