SYTYCD: Top 16 Performs

I apologize for no recap last week. I've said it before, I hate that the judges decided who was eliminated without the viewers being involved for the 2nd week in a row. As a result, we lost two tappers, Bianca & Phillip. So, let's have a moment of silence for the tappers. Fortunately, the yummy Peter is still left. Can't wait to see his cute butt again this week!

And now, to this week's recap.

Karen & Kevin - Hustle w/ Maria Torres - Karen was great but, unlike the judges, I thought Kevin was a bit of a mess. At one point he had terror on his face and in another, he dropped her! I really think Kevin should have been gone already.

Ashleigh & Jakob - Jazz w/ Mandy Moore - I am so glad to see more Mandy Moore routines on the show. Last season, I think we only got 1 or 2 total. I've already said that Jakob is my pick to win this season. He did NOT disappoint me this week! He danced brilliantly. Ashleigh was able to hold her own pretty well in this one, but I wonder what will happen when they get a hard-core contemporary number. I think they should be safe. At least I hope they are!

Pauline & Peter - Quick Step w/ JT & Tomas (new choreographers) - This is always the dreaded genre to get. The performance made it so that I didn't notice the flaws too much and besides, how could I notice anything with Peter looking so fine in that uniform. I could watch his butt in that uniform for hours. I thought the choreography was adorable, but I thought they could have toned down the schtick a little. I'm hoping they're safe so that I can see more of Peter.

Kathryn & Legacy - Broadway w/ Andy Blankenbeuhler (new) - It probably would have helped the performance if the song used was actually from Broadway and not from a Disney cartoon (Jungle Book). Maybe it's just me. Firstly, I had no idea what Kathryn's character was. If she was supposed to be a "vixen", they shouldn't have dressed her like a drag queen Dorothy. Secondly, you could tell that Legacy was unsure of the choreography because he kept looking at Kathryn to see what came next and when. I think they should be in the Bottom 3 tonight.

Channing & Victor - Contemporary w/ Stacey Tookey - For their first time together, they were lucky and unlucky to get their own style. I saw unlucky because they're expected to be great because it's their own style, but this is the first time they dance together which always means they're behind the rest in terms of having chemistry. For the first time, I think that Channing showed just how soft and beautiful she can dance. As for Victor, he danced as well as I thought he would. Channing could be the dark horse in this competition.

Ellanore & Ryan - Hip Hop w/ Lil C - Honestly, I didn't get it. I'm not sure if Ryan did either. Let's be honest, Ryan is a brilliant ballroom dancer. That does NOT mix well with Hip Hop. That said, I thought he tried really hard and was a decent job. Overall, I didn't think this was a great performance and they'll see themselves in the Bottom 3.

Mollee & Nathan - Salsa w/ Gustavo Vargas (new) - When I think of Mollee, I do NOT think of "sexy" at all. Unfortunately, that's what you need for a good, if not great, salsa performance. This is a DISASTER. It was like watch High School Musical: Ballroom Edition. That's not a compliment. They could be in serious trouble this week.

Noelle & Russell - Afro-Jazz w/ Sean Cheesman (new) - Of all the new choreographers debuting this week, this one is my favorite. He brought something out of Russell that was just amazing. In fact, Russell outdanced Noelle! I think Noelle could have danced with a bit more fire, in my opinion. I could see them in the bottom, although I think Russell has finally shown he belongs in the Top 20.

My Bottom Three

Ellanore & Ryan
Kathryn & Legacy
Mollee & Nathan

I could also see Pauline & Peter in the Bottom 3 as well. I'm afraid that they will be and will get eliminated, although I could see Ryan being cut as well. I still think the worst performance of the night was Mollee and Nathan's but they've had two great weeks before this one that would save them.


The bottom 3 were Ellanore & Ryan, Pauline & Peter and Karen & Kevin. I honestly thought the 2 to go home should have been Pauline and Kevin. It ended up being Pauline and Peter's last week in the competition. I'm NOT happy that Peter is gone!

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